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Dual pane browsers My comparison of dual-pane file browsers for Linux
Media browsers A comparison of media browsers in Linux
Image processing A comparison of image organisers, tips for Digikam, mogrify, XnViewMP
XnView Tips Some tricks for XnviewMP
Video editors score sheet My review of video editors for Linux
Blender's VSE My tips for Blender's video sequence editor (VSE)
Cinelerra My tip using Cinelerra
Losslesscut cutting videos with Losslesscut
Dvd authoring Producing simple DVDs from films with DVD styler and Bombono
Cdrtools Finding the real genisoimage from cdrtools
CD copy Making CD copies on the command line with cdrdao
Uzbl browser Keybindings and scripts for Uzbl the lighter web browser
GPS/GIS Collating geo data with Viking, map making with Quantum GIS
Useful apps List of some useful apps of Linux
Libre writer Tips using Libre writer
Lucky backup A very handy gui files sync/backup tool
Cloud syncing Options for cloud-synncing in Linux
Config migrate Locations of important config files, needed for a backup script
System backup Methods for backing up the system - tar command, rsync, partclone, Refractasnapshot
Remote update Updating Debian in places without the internet
Partition copy The best methods of cloning a partition
FOG partition imaging Cloning any OS to multiple boxes using Fog
Networking with nfs Transferring files between two Debian boxes over a cross-over cable
Php local Set up Apache and php5 for running php files locally
Github pages Building a website with Jekyll and hosting it at Github

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