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A gui for rsync
recursively backs up or sync's directories/files -its colourful but its fast! 
it's saving me hours of careful copying of files to backup directories.  Just need to set it up carefully and run the dry tests until it goes right.

how to backup system directories
using "only include" and typing the dir name e.g. "/.config/" didn't send any files to backup (external drive), so I don't know what I did wrong. Ok, to use "Only include" the dir's need to have *** after them to include their contents, e.g. /dir/*** 

what I chose to do was to backup my /home/username/ and exclude directories (Exclude > user defined tab) such as /Downloads/ /ffmpeg/ /local/share/icons/ /.wine/ /.thumnails/ and check Trash and Cache folders on the Exclude Templates tab.

I was quite baffled at why luckyb wanted to delete dir's from the backup source -those which were excluded from the backup.  I had "delete files on the destination" checked (files not present in source are deleted from destination) so as to keep the backup tidy.  
Maybe they too needed /*** but the man page states that the --delete-excluded option is automatic when exclude is used with delete at destination checked -so why?
It's working properly now.

Check "Dry" and click Run to see how it will work.
!!imperitive: dry run to check what and if anything vital on destination side will be deleted by a task!!

setting a schedule is straight forward too.
can save the profile, but the profile selector is awkward to use, so can just multi-task on one profile.
might want to turn off notify by email

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