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I found out that "genisoimage" that ships with Debian (forked from mkisofs) is buggy, and that the original program is better, found in Joerg Schilling's cdrtools.

I was trying to make an iso file from dvd files and when I checked the finished iso, the VIDEO_TS folder was all lower-case - no good for DVD players I thought!

There's a lot of tools there...

get it from


unpack and in the top dir just run..

the binaries are installed to /opt/schily/
then, to add /opt/schily/bin/ to your PATH, add this to end of your ~/.bashrc file..

or add it to an existing export line like..

test your path (restart the bash terminal)..

to add /opt/schilly/share/man/ to MANPATH (so that you can hit "man cdrecord" or "man mkisofs" etc - or run xmanand then find the man page you want)

put this in your bash.rc file..


create iso from dvd files

or like this when in the dir containing the VIDEO_TS dir

(all necessary dvd files, VOB, bup and ifo must be present.

more coming up!

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