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Damaged file system causes USB stick to be mounted as read-only

I find this pretty annoying when a USB stick decides to go read-only after I've done one or two copy operations to it. Logging out or restarting didn't fix it.

So what's the reason for this? It can be a corrupted file system, I read, that causes the system to see it as an unsafe device, thus it is rendered un-writable.

It doesn't help to pull out a USB drive without ejecting it first -even if it appears that all the file transfers have finished.

The fix? I did the following and it worked. But it will wipe off any files on the stick, so copy the files off the stick first if you need them! (sdb1 is my usb partition)

remove and re-insert it to test it -this repairs the M-DOS partition table (which can be done in Gparted too).

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