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video and image browser options in Linux (best so far)
(not including audio media which obviously is catered for with the many music players around, especially audacious)

 Application  Pro's  Con's
  • good display of thumbs with tumbler (Ctrl-1) 
  • open videos with gnome-mplayer or other
  • open images with an image viewer or feh slideshow
  • custom action scripts can be made for right-click menu e.g. for resizing images
  • involves using two app's to browse, not one 
  • thumbnails may not load for large files
  • this is a very souped up mirage or ristretto with file browser ability
  • heaps of preferences
  • Ctrl-E for Exif info
  • no video support
  • searching in a small file browser is complicated I think, especially as whole computer directory tree is there
Xf image
  • customizable component colors (set in X File Explorer settings)
  • easy navigation single click up and down levels
  • can be slow generating thumbnails
  • thumbnails are rather small due to the file name taking space
  • file order 25 comes before 3 etc
  • too basic
  • ease of navigation from directories to thumbs to images and back up again
  • jump to full-screen for selected image or browsing all
  • good view of thumbnails with thumbnail zooming
  • can adjust background colour to dark
  • fully configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • kipi plugins add a lot of tools and export options
  • It really does a good job for browsing
  • drag-select of thumbs is only poss from the right hand edge
  • videos don't open up full-screen
  • playing of mp4 not possible? mpeg crashes
  • don't need a toolbar! -remove all icons and it goes
  • grey bar at bottom is almost unbearable while browsing/viewing
  • whole system can be browsed -so not helpful for biginners who may get lost
  • keeps your albums (directories) in collections -so you are not fumbling around in /media or somewhere in the system with no images
  • powerful search and filter to find images, e.g. with tags, or geolocation
  • can browse thumbnails of an album with all its child album images together -also can make a slide show of them all
  • powerful editing tools (see my next page on image processing)
  • needs some time to start up
  • no video support?
  • ugly gtk interface
  • plays video with easy selecting of next or any from thumbnail strip
  •  small thumbnail images and lots of grey
Xnview MP  
  • this is the best application for showing thumbnails as compacted tiles with customisable interface -colours and panels
  • full iptc keywords management and filtering
  • has good image handling tools
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • support for any file type
  • some videos don't play
  • excluding folders from database doesn't work
  • no export to Picasaweb
  • Nice looks - large buttons interface for ease of control while viewing on a TV
  • can make groups (albums) of different directories
  • easily plays movies, images, music, whatever.
  • Hard to get to the Settings following the row of buttons underneath main bar.  
  • Can't run on an Atom-powered netbook
  • doesn't show a wall of thumbnails just file name list
  • Quit button shows PC shutdown and hibernate!

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