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There's not much on this page, just what I noted when I was using this Desktop a few years back!

Xfce FAQ http://wiki.xfce.org/faq
Xfce tips http://wiki.xfce.org/tips
Xfce archive (updates) http://archive.xfce.org/src/xfce

The Xfce menu

The Xfce desktop installs a menu file to store contents of the menu, which are: root entries (the Run program etc) and sub-menus which pop-up a programs list.

This file looks for
.directory files, to get the name and icon for each sub-menu,
.desktop files so as to populate the sub-menus with programs, sorting them using the Category it finds in each one. Each program has its own .desktop file, normally in /usr/share/applications.

To make changes to how your menu looks, either the menu root entries or sub-menus, the menu file needs to be copied from /usr to /home (so it can be edited a little more easily). Xfce will look in /home first before referring to the files in /usr, which means that changes to the file in home will affect only the user, not globally.
Then, to put items under the right sub-menus the .desktop file for each item needs to be copied over to /home as well, which you could do one-by-one or all in one go,

1. Remove root entries from the menu

e.g. web browser, about xfce, help

2. Refine categories for sub-menus

3. Add new sub-menus


4. Move a program to another sub-menu

5. Remove items from the sub-menus

Official guide is at the xfce wiki

change the clock format and colour

On the panel add the clock applet, select digital display and Custom Format, then use date-time macros, e.g.

%c full time n date, %x date, %X local time 12hr,
%R hour n minute, %H hour, %M minute, %S seconds, %s seconds of the day!
%A wk day, %d day of month,
%m month numeral, %h month name, %g year numeral

With the clock applet, use a span around the macros to change the colour/font, e.g.

With Orage clock it's easy enough to set colour n font ("foreground" refers to the clock digits).

keyboard shortcuts (key-bindings)

It's really simple to set a keyboard shortcut for any app. For example, Super-1 for Thunar, Super-2 for Chromium, Super-3 for geany, Super-4 for Xfce4-terminal etc.

Xfce's window manger works really well, but it did go hay-wire a few times -like windows suddenly lost decoration and would stick in the top left corner covering each-other.. To recover the desktop, close programs with the menu quit, then open Run with ALT-F2, and type xfwm4 --replace and hit enter

xterm half alpha

Here's how my xterm used to look ^

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