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Here are the few printers I've got working so far with Debian...

HP printers and P1102

Canon IP1900

Canon Pixma E510

Brother DCP-J315W

CUPS admin

"Request entity too large" error

Can't get into the CUPS admin pages - http://localhost:631/admin pages can't be reached and the error log shows "unable to create directory /var/spool/cups/tmp"

so the spool directory likely needs creating!


if those are present already then they might need to belong to the lp group

and your user needs to be added to the lp/lpadmin group

the other error that will occur if your user is not added to the lp/lpadmin group is that logging into the admin page with your user name will return a failed unauthorized page.

Enable a user to resume a printer

To prevent CUPS asking for authentication of a user when using resume or pause printer in Cups Admin...

  1. Open cups http://localhost:631/admin/
  2. click on Edit Configuration File
  3. under the printer you need to give access to and the sections with "Resume-Printer Enable-Printer Disable-Printer..." either:
     Require user @OWNER @SYSTEM Then save the file.

If you'd like a desktop shortcut button to re-enable a printer, then you can use,

Or, Openbox menu item with the command, `sudo cupsenable printer-name`

and edit the /etc/sudoers file sudo visudo add the line:

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