Configure Debian

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Once you have Debian up and running on your box, there's still quite a lot of work needed to make it run and look how you like it to. So here are my pages detailing just how to do that, tweak and arrange, so that your Debian runs smooth.

XFCE Main menu, keyboard shortcuts
LXDE/Openbox Auto-start, themes, colours, compositor, panels, main menu, OB menu, keybinds
Plain openbox Set up OB to run alone, start-up, logoff, drive mounting
Bash config Command prompt style, bash aliases
Xterm Set the X colors
Rxvt-unicode A good terminal to have - config, full-screen, copy-pasting
Ranger The indispensible terminal-based file browser - keybinds, config and more
Thunar The XFCE file manager - custom right-click menu actions
XnView MP Setting up the XnView image manager
Geany text editor Configure text editors
Firewall Use ip tables to block unwanted network traffic
APT proxy Set up a proxy for APT

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