Libre writer


Set headings with heading level

  1. highlight a heading
  2. open Styles in Format menu or F11
  3. top right icon: New Style from selection
  4. name it
  5. RMB on the style in the list to edit it
  6. go to Customise toolbars (click on the arrow at end of tool bar) and go to Keyboard

        in the bottom panes find Styles >Paragraph and next to it your new style
        above, select a keyboard shortcut, like SHIFT-ALT-S that you can remember
        then click Modify

  7. in the doc search for text with same pt as the header eg 14pt
  8. when it highlights, press your shortcut key to change the text to the new style
  9. use the search next instance arrow at bottom right of window to highlight next
  10. open the navigator and all your title will be there!

Add more shortcut keys

ALT-[ increase font
ALT-] reduce font
making F2 save document makes it easy

Libre Office short-cut keys

Add icons to main toolbar

  1. go to Customise tool bars (click on the arrow at end of toolbar)
  2. click on Add
  3. search for what you want

        in Application: save all
        in View: close window
        in Basic: record macro
        in Documents: save as
        in Format: double underline, outline, sentence case, upper case, lower case...
        in Macros: any macros you have recorded

  4. close Add Commands and change the icon if its naff! under Customise button >change icon
  5. move the icons up or down on the tool bar
  6. remove unnecessary buttons too!
  7. closing Libre Office saves the tool bar configuration, so if you crash it you will lose your changes!

Record a macro

  1. go to Tools >Macros >Run Macro and click on record
  2. do what action you want to record -can be typing or any commands, search and replace
  3. click stop once the action is over
  4. save it as prompted
  5. add buttons to the tool bar with your macros!!

    Make an auto text

  6. type the text to be automatically filled with a single letter and press F3
  7. open Edit >auto text
  8. fill in a name and click on Auto text >new and then close, check the shortcut key
  9. when typing enter that shotcut key and press F3
  10. but there's a bug that changes the font to Times Roman after the auto text so use <left> then <right> to get back to your font

Delete half of a document

This can be quite useful, especially when only part of a doc is needed, which can be saved as a new document.
  1. make a new copy of the original, save as, new name
  2. go to the place in the doc where you want it to end (or begin from)
  3. press CTRL-SHIFT-end to select all text to the end of doc (or CTRL-SHIFT-home to select all the text to the beginning of the doc) and delete, save.
  4. ! Make sure that "record changes" is unchecked (in Edit menu > changes) or else the deleted part of the doc will be there shown as deleted text!

Cut up a large document into smaller ones

  1. make a new doc from original, save-as and rename, for example, call it "name-1.odt"
  2. use the method above to cut off the end of the document and save
  3. open original doc and save-as, rename to "name-2.odt"
  4. use method above to cut off the part which is contained in "name-1.odt"
  5. cut more off the end of the doc and save
  6. open the original, rename and repeat process (3-until the document is cut into smaller ones.

Search and Replace - regular expressions used

Work on a document two places at once

open a file

Window > New window

The same doc will be open in two windows and you can move about in each one independently. That's very handy.

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