User and host name

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Add or change user in Linux


(setting password is automatically asked, and home directory created)

then set the home dir of new user to be owned by new user, with  

to make the new user belong to same groups as first user, find groups of the first user with..
then add the new user to each group..

also, add the new user to the sudoers file, or sudo group

If replacing the first user (i.e. changing the name) copy content of /home/first-user to /home/new-user with..  
to remove a user..
or to remove the home dir with it

Problems may start appearing, like MLT in kdenlive calling all clips invalid, ffmpeg cannot open filters.... so these need permissions changed in the right places, or else re-installing them if in the case of migrating to a new user.

Change the host/server name
change it in those files - twice in /etc/hosts

then restart the server
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