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is now available for Linux, allowing sync with Google Drive -except it will sync your entire Drive with your PC, not just selected files


uploading via dropbox folder syncing was real slow for me (a few years back).


-looks difficult!
http://www.mayrhofer... download


looks ok, but they only give 2GB for free and you need their 23Mb program installed.


hosted by ownCloud -but it's no longer a free service (and they didn't tell me about that!)

-sign up
-make source file
And paste this line into it:
the rest is up to you -I couldn't connect to it recently


-5Gb free, there's no Linux app but there's a way with webdav
and another way here

 W   Wuala
Linux friendly but no longer for free - it'll be 99 Euro cents per month for 5Gb.
Basically you have 3 options given you within the Wuala app:
  1. Select local directories to backup online (meaning files are uploaded and they will be uploaded each time the files are updated locally)
  2. Select local directories to sync online (meaning that files are uploaded but also downloaded to the local dir if they have been updated online by another pc or mobile device).
  3. Drag or copy/paste directories and files to a folder in the Wuala app window or Wuala directory in user's home (the files will upload but will not be uploaded if updated locally -you will have to replace those files in Wuala with more recent ones).

Really, what you see in the Wuala app is your files being stored on-line.  Wuala is desktop based, so you don't go to the website to login to see your files.  

Besides that there are options to set up private/public groups for sharing, company (business account) and storage devices.
Any directory can be shared also.

Tip: if you reinstall with a new user name or change user name and copy over your config files, the Wuala app might get locked.  So you can:
  -rename the .wuala dir
  -start Wuala and a new .wuala dir is made
  -close Wuala and copy files from renamed .wuala dir
  -start Wuala and then reconnect your synced folders: Right click on folder > Backup Settings >
  -Reconnect > search the folder in your home dir > Save > OK

free-cloud-storage-for-entrepreneurs-top-6-picks/ top-10-best-free-online-cloud-storage-services/

Z  O  H  O   Docs

I've tried with symlinks in the "Zoho Docs" dir but I've only made partial progress, and Zoho Docs support told me that symlinks are not supported yet.  Some sym-linked dir's upload but some others don't....

Which means what you have to do is make hard copies of files you want to sync to zohodocs in the sync dir.

But to save yourself choosing and picking your files every time you want to copy them to the Zoho Docs dir to sync with online docs, what you do is you have a dir with symlinks to all your dirs and files that need syncing, then rsync that dir with symlinks to the sync dir - with rsync referred files option so that the files which the links point to are copied.

this is the command you need - map it in Ranger, or on the OB menu
where links-dir is where you put your links to whatever dir's you want synced, and sync is where the hard copies will be kept


sign up for a free account at and get 50Gb storage space!

offers encryption of all data on the server using keys. If you forget your password you are in trouble, because your key works with it. But you can save a recovery key so that the p/w can be reset from your email.

To enhance security of your web browser, install the Mega extension -

There's a Linux app for desktop sync management - from the download page..

get dependencies..

note: if you are syncing an external drive, and you detach it when its done, the app notices its removal and it will be unchecked for syncing. To allow mega to sync the same drive again, go to Cog > Settings > Syncs and check the box by the drive you want to sync.

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