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Here's my guide to installing a light-weight, fully functioning Devuan-Debian system on your box. You'll have Debian up and running after Step 1, and then Steps 2, 3 and 4 will help you get other important software installed and ready. After that you can move on to the configuration part.

There's a page to help get Devuan installed even faster, with the LXDE flavour, condensing/summarising the install steps for those who don't need so much explaination.

Then there's details about keeping Debian updated and upgrading to a newer release and how to migrate to Devuan (could be out-dated).

Step1 Installing Debian with the Netinstall CD
Step2 Install video editors, ffmpeg, XnViewMP, Libre Office
Step3 Install media players, media rippers, desktop apps, ClamTK, rootkit hunter
Step4 Install web browsers, GPG, Bible, GPS
Step5 Enable multiarch, Google Earth, Skype
Lxde fast install The install overview for Debian with LXDE
Live build Create a custom Live Devuan/Debian CD using Live-Build
Bootstrapping Install a new Devuan system using the Debian bootstrap method
Upgrade Debian Keeping your Debian up to date, uprading to a new release, upgrading the kernel
Go devuan Migrating to Devuan, the new systemd-free Debian fork

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