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The options for installing Live ISO's to usb are...
1. UNetbootin (works effortlessly)
2. Multisystem Live USB tool
3. set up the usb stick manually - see these guides: pendrivelinux, Arch wiki, manuelbua

older guides - or

Windozer users can try out LinuxLive USB Creator
or YUMI which can put multiple distro's on a usb stick
or SARDU -Multiple Linux Live


-can install only one .ISO file at a time to usb stick

install from Debian packages with

Note: for installing debian on a machine with only wireless available, it would be nice to have the driver files ready on the same usb drive.
So go back to Gparted, format some free space on the usb stick (FAT32) and use that for those firmware files

Note: if you need to resize a FAT32 formatted drive, you need to install

but likely you just need to wipe the partitions and make new ones.

get this script from their web-page

it makes one .iso file of multiple LiveCD or utility .iso's which can then be put on a USB stick with UNetbootin, or the commands:

"sdb1" is an example, you can find your usb device name with `lsblk`

but what is the .iso file size limit?? and can it deal with multiple .iso's of the same Linux distro such as those made with Remastersys, or different downloaded versions?


This can install multiple live cd ISO's to a usb stick, (but I had one time it got stuck renaming "bad names" and took a long time -and then the grub was bad and another .iso needed to be added to fix it).

The best use of this is if you have different distros in use alot of the time (and of course, you have a large capacity USB stick). Even one or two distros and a couple of rescue bots would be good. But it can't load Remastersys ISO's of your own system. These days I don't test drive distros and all I use is my own Live Debian 64 and 32 bits versions, so for me its multiple USB sticks!

I hacked the install script they give on the site which basically adds the source and repo key

you can comment out with # after install - sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

install the key